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Event Technology and Online Event Registration Systems Guide for Event Planners

Date: Wednesday 4th May 2016

What is event tech? And why should you use an online event registration system?

In our opinion, event technology is anything that can help to reduce the event organiser’s admin tasks. Using event technology when planning an event allows you to get on with some of the more important stuff and the bigger picture!

When choosing an event registration system provider, there are a number of key elements to think about so that you find the right solution for your needs:

Does your event technology supplier have the relevant experience to assist in the organisation of your event?
How many years have the event technology provider been in the business? Are they experts in events or event technology?

Make sure that the organisation you choose to work with has the right credentials to support you with your events!

Do you need to report to your business unit or company post event? What do you want to be able to analyse post event?

We always start the conversation by asking the client to think about whether they require reports or any specific information to be available.

Make sure you can speak to someone within 15 minutes of your enquiry. And make sure that you speak to the customer support teams, not the sales teams!

Unless you are a technology whiz, it is always good to be able to pick someone else’s brains. Especially the brains of those behind the business who, more than likely, have years of event technology experience!

Look at your business and think about whether you want your event tech solution to have an open API to drag data back into your internal system. This will save you loads of time post event!

Don’t be scared to ask for this. Some of the best online systems integrate APIs and it is a lot easier than you may think.

Your IT departments and the techies at Ya-Ya Regie can easily work together on this.

API is simply a method by which two different computer systems can communicate with each other. Essentially, this allows one piece of technology to speak to another. Sometimes this can be for the purpose of issuing a command, but usually it is used in order to share data.

Do you really need that super cool looking event app? Will your delegates actually use it?

Top tip: Ensure your website is mobile enabled. A lot can be done with websites these days and they can be a very cost effective alternative to event apps. Why not create VIP member areas on the website for certain delegates?

Make sure you leave time for training, and that your event technology software provider is able to provide adequate training!

Many systems these days are very intuitive. But there are lots of whizzy features you probably don’t know about. Sometimes it does take a specialist with insightful knowledge to get it to work to the best of its abilities.

Ask if they are happy to provide online and face to face training. Do they hold top tip webinars?

Always remember that whilst event tech gives you speed, it does not always give you accuracy if rushed.

Be sure to slow down, print documents off and cross check against the screen. This will help to reduce any unnecessary stress!

Make sure your event registration supplier leaves time for testing too!

Can your event registration supplier offer optional extras too?

You may want to have a delegate onsite self-check-in system at your event. And so you should! Especially with them being so easy to use and in-expensive these days!

Or how about a 1 to 1 networking tool? Many event technology suppliers offer this. But does your event registration supplier have a built-in 1 to 1 networking tool?

You’ll save time, headaches and multiple phone calls if you have a one-stop-shop for all your event tech!

How customisable is the registration system?

To achieve a professional looking online registration form you will want to be able to have the opportunity to add your own branding on everything that the delegate will see. This will range from the email communications to the actual registration form.

Along with customisation, the registration form should pre-populate with the delegates contact information if it has already been uploaded to the system. This will make the registration process as simple as possible for your delegates!

Check that your event technology provider doesn’t charge a percentage on payments so that you don’t blow your event budget before you’ve even started!

You don’t want to be caught out with unanticipated costs per attendee. Make sure you don’t end up paying silly delegate commission charges for paying events.

Use an event registration provider that does not charge a percentage of your delegate fee. Make sure that they are no hidden costs and that you are able to link your merchant account to the event so that all the fees land straight into your bank account. 

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