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Must know event tech terms!

Date: Wednesday 20th April 2016

The world of event technology can be quite complex, and the vocabulary used can sometimes be even more confusing.

This post is designed to provide you with a basic knowledge on the latest techy words used within the event industry, so that you know what you’re talking about when your event tech supplier casually throws in a term you’ve never heard of. 

You may want to grab a cup of tea before you start reading this....

1 to 1 matchmaking system

This is basically a networking tool.

REGIE Howdi is our automated 1 to 1 booking system which facilitates peer to peer networking. Prior to your event, it allows attendees to communicate and set up a meeting at your event, further increasing the value in them attending your event!

API (Application Programme Interface)

A method by which two different computer systems can communicate with each other. Essentially, this allows one piece of technology to speak to another. Sometimes this can be for the purpose of issuing a command, but usually it is used in order to share data.

Check in system

This refers to the method used to check-in event attendees. There are a number of different options out there. Sometimes it might not be necessary to have a check in system, but for large scale events it is recommended. You may want to have event staff stationed at the entrance of the event ready with QR readers or you could choose to have a registration desk or maybe even self-check in station.

CSV file (comma separated values)

A file format that can be exported and imported across software programs. You will need to use a CSV file if you want to upload a list of contacts into Regie.

How do I create a CSV file?

Use Excel to pull the data together. When it’s time to save the file, under Save at type choose CSV (comma delimited) and click save.


Don’t skim past this one thinking we mean your car’s dashboard! The dashboard that you should be interested in is the one that comes with your event management software. In Ya-Ya Regie, the Reports Dashboard and Invites Dashboard is information like analytics and how many people have registered for your event. You can download reports from here too.

But the information will vary depending on which event planning platform you are using.

Event Tech

Any technology solution to support meetings or events. It can range from audio-visual equipment, live streaming, virtual reality, registration, networking… the list is endless!


Group booking

The ability for one person to book places on an event for other people. This is a particularly important feature if you’re planning to invite people from large organisations.



Internet service provider. The guys that provide your access to the internet.


Onsite check-in

Attendees check in on the day of the event at the location.

QR code

This is very similar to a barcode and consists of an array of black and white squares in a funny pattern. The QR code carries data about an attendee. These can be incorporated in the check in process to make it quick and easy!


 Real Time

This phrase just means “live” or “at that very moment in time”. This can often refer to Real Time reporting and can be particularly useful when onsite. Your boss may want to know how many people are onsite or registered at that particular time, and rather than having to manically find all your bits of paper and count how many people have ticked off, you can just look at the check-in system and get a count instantly!


Registration software

Online registration software is a tool that every event manager should use. The tool creates a simple visitor registration process and can be used to invite delegates and track RSVP’s all in one place.



A server can mean different things in many different contexts. In simple terms, a server is a computer program that responds to requests from a user’s computer.

What is a URL?

A URL is used to specify addresses on the world wide web. It stands for Universal Resource Locator.


So what is the different between a domain and a URL?

The URL is the web address for a given file or webpage. Every page of every website has a different URL.

The domain is the name of the website. So if htttps:// is the URL for an area on a website, is the domain. This is the bit you have to buy and registrar with a registrar company – which we can do for you!

Top tip: Make sure that your companies IT department are aware that you have bought a URL off a third party. You don’t want them to close it down thinking it’s a spam address! And make sure you own your URL, rather than the agency having ownership!


Now that’s a tech overload! Time for a break….

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