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Spam Emails

Date: Tuesday 19th July 2016

Whether an email gets delivered or is sent to spam is a decision that is made by the recipient mail server and cannot be directly controlled by the sender, or by Ya-Ya Regie.

That said, there are certain best practices that, if followed, will greatly improve the deliverability of your emails, and Ya-Ya follows as many of these as it can, in order to provide the best email service possible to you.

Rather than sending out emails directly, we send them out through a third party supplier, who specialise in email delivery. This ensures that the outgoing mail servers are always configured for maximum deliverability, and all outgoing emails are checked and monitored, to ensure that there are no simple mistakes with the formatting of the email.

Additionally, there are some steps that you can take, as a user, to ensure that your emails are delivered.

  • If you are sending emails or behalf of an organisation with a corporate email server, you may find that emails sent to the same domain that they are sent from (eg emails sent to from do not get received. This is because the corporate mail server expects all emails sent from the domain it controls to be internal, and so it blocks all external emails, such as those coming from Ya-Ya Regie. You can get around this problem by using a different sender email address (such as and setting the Reply To email address as the one you wish to receive replies to.
  • If you find that people from outside your organisation are not receiving your emails, a simple DNS record change to your domain may help matters. If your emails are being sent from, adding a CNAME record , such as which points to to your DNS configuration for will help the recipient mail server to understand that Ya-Ya Regie are authorised to send emails on behalf of your organisation.
  • Check the contents of your email (including the subject line) to make sure that it sounds genuine, and not like a piece of junk email. Addressing people by name often helps, as it suggests you know them, and are not sending the same email to everyone.
  • Make sure there are not too many links in your email. Spammers often send emails with dozens of links in them, so some spam filters will block emails with more than a few links automatically. 

If you have tried all these techniques and are still having problems, please contact Ya-Ya Regie, who may be able to provide further assistance. We cannot guarantee to solve the problem for any given recipient, but we'll try our best to make your emails as deliverable as possible.

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