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The rules for sending emails are changing!

Date: Wednesday 27th April 2016

It’s becoming more and more evident that receiving emails, in this day and age, is largely pot luck!

And in June 2016, according to SendGrid sending emails from a Gmail email address could become a bit of a headache too! You may know that Yahoo have already made these changes – and if you didn’t, you heard it here first!

So what’s happening?

Gmail will be changing it’s DMARC policy from p=”none” to p=”reject”.

But what does this mean?

In simpler terms, this means that any message sent from an email address which contains will have to originate from the Gmail system.

And how does this effect you guys?

If you only send email using your own domain you don’t need to worry. E.g. an email sent through Ya-Ya Regie from will not be blocked.

But, if you send messages using a email address from anywhere other than Gmail’s infrastructure, you could be at risk of having these messages filtered or blocked. For example, if you use Ya-Ya Regie to send invites for your event and want them to be sent from Your messages will most likely be blocked.

Don’t panic!

You have until June to make some changes. Be sure to assess all your mail streams and check that you aren’t using in your from addresses. Start checking and making these changes so that you aren’t at a risk of having your email messages filtered or blocked from June onwards.

Read more here.

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