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Event Set Up - Event Set Up

Creating Your Event

Follow the steps below if you need help setting up your event.

Step 1:

Click New Event then select the type of event you wish to set up.


Select event


Step 2:


A new screen will open where you add in the event information.


6 simple steps to Event Set Up

Step 3:

Input the name of the event.


Step 4:

Select the start and end date of the event. If your event has specific times, select the time of your event. Note – The time is in 24hour.


Step 5:

Enter the address of the venue where the event is being held.


Step 6:

Select whether you want your registration site to be password protected or whether you want visibility from all internet users. If you select a password you will be requested to input this in the box that will appear.


Step 7:

Insert the email address and name you want the booking confirmation emails to be sent from. The organisers name will also appear on the registration home screen. 


Step 8:

Enter the description of the event that you want delegates to see on the registration home screen. .


Step 9:

Click the “Chose File” button to select your logo from the documents on your computer.

Note – the logo must be in JPG or png format and will be resized to 400px wide.


Step 10:

Click the “Chose File” button to select your .css file from the documents on your computer. Your marketing department should have your company’s style sheet. If you do not have a style sheet then please leave blank.


Step 11:

Click submit on the setting up event page and you will be taken to the setting up tickets page.


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