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1 to 1 Networking - 1 to 1 Networking

Setting Up 1 to 1 Networking

Setting up the 1 to 1 Networking function for your event is simple to do.


Step 1: Click 1 to 1 Networking chevron on the dashboard.


Step 2: The next page is where input your 1 to 1 Networking information.


1 to 1 Networking screen


Step 3: Make sure the name of your event is correct.


Step 4: Make sure the Do You Want Partnering box is ticked to enable 1 to 1 Networking on your event.


Step 5: Select the date you would like 1 to 1 Networking to open for delegates to begin aranging meetings, an email will be sent to the those already registered informing them that the 1 to 1 Networking is open

We recommend you set this to 1 months prior to the conference


Step 6: Set the date you want delegates to stop using the 1 to 1 Networking tool to set meetings.

We recommend setting this for the day before the event.


Step 7: The Prevent delegate opt out option allows you stop delegates being able to opt out of partnering.

We recommend that this is not ticked as more people will want to partner if they have the choice and are not being forced to make meetings


Step 8: Setting up blocks is dealt with in the Setting partnering blocks section.


Step 9: Please select how long you would like the delegate partnering meetings to be. We recommend no less than 15 minutes.


Meeting times screen


Step 10: Please record the number of desks or rooms you will have available for your delegates to meet

Note. The system automatically allocates the location numbers to all confirmed meeting.


Step 11: For the partnering email set up please see the separate section.


Step 12: If you want to allow delegates to search other delegates by industry sector, please highlight the sectors you want to be searchable.


Industry sector screen


Step 13: If you want other industry sectors to be visible, add them here.
Note. Please remember to put a semi-colon ; in between the options.


Step 14: Remember to press the Save button to save your data.

Step 15:  Go to comms centre, booked delegate comms then howdi email template.  Change info if require. NB please ensure you keep the merge fields for first name, email and password

Step 16:  If you want the partnering details to go with the confirmation email when they book, Go to event set-up, and under the ticket type select settings and change email to howdi email as the confirmation email.

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  • Asda
  • BIA
  • Hollister
  • ICE
  • J&J
  • Keith Prowse
  • JFDI
  • London First
  • Molson Coors
  • One nucleus
  • Royal television
  • Santander
  • Welsh Gov
  • BNP Paribas
  • Athena
  • connexis
  • DD Conf
  • Morrow
  • Orchard