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Using RegieWeb Modules - Using RegieWeb Modules

Setting Up A Programme

1)      Log into the admin section of your site

2)      Click on the icon Programme, as indicated with a circle in the image below:


If this icon is missing, the programme module has been disabled. Please contact the team to discuss


3)      Click either of the Add Item buttons

4)      On the Item form, there are options to choose from:


  • Date:  select which day the item belongs to i.e. day 1, day 2, day 3
  • Time: the time the item starts and ends i.e. 09:30 – 10:00
  • Title: The heading for the item
  • Track: Choose which track the item belongs to: track 1, track 2 or both
  • Subject: Add colour coding to your item with the subjects





No colour

Subject 1


Subject 2


Subject 3


Subject 4


Subject 5



f)       Summary: A description of the item

g)      Speakers: Add upto 6 speakers/presenters to an item (speakers are added through the speakers module)


5)      To add a date heading to your agenda, type date into the ‘Time’ option & type the Date to be displayed in the Title option:



6)      Choose a track.

a)      All – Item will span the whole agenda/programme width

b)      Track1 – Item will span half the agenda/programme width

c)       Track2 – Item will span half the agenda/programme width

For multi tracks, to display next to each other the time specified for the items must match




Track 1

Track 2

09:30 – 10:00

Item 1

Item 2





A difference in time will cause items to be displayed in a stack


Track 1

Track 2

09:30 – 10:00

Item 1


09.30 – 10.00

Item 2




Using both tracks, if one item runs for longer than the other, the longer item will need to be split into sections (a new item to be added with the difference in duration):


Track 1

Track 2

09:30 – 10:00

Item 1

Item 2

10:00 – 10:30




If an item in Track 2 is taking place, whilst the time slot of track 1 is empty, an empty item needs to be added for the track 1 timeslot (in order for the item to display in the correct place). This is done by selecting the ‘None’ subject option and leaving the Title blank.


7)      Use the Summary text editor to add a description of your item. This will add a link to your item, to display and hide the summary text.


8)      Add speakers to your item, using the 6 selection boxes at the bottom of the form. Speakers are added through the Speakers Module (found on the admin home screen).  



The speakers name will be displayed in a box underneath the item title, if the chosen speaker has a biography (in the speakers module) their name will become a clickable link, taking the user to the speakers page, which lists their details:


9)      Click Submit and add other items as required.

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