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Using RegieWeb Modules - Using RegieWeb Modules

Transferring your Domain

This document provides an easy to follow, step by step guide on transferring your existing domain name (URL) to a new web host/server.

Please follow the steps below to transfer your current URL.

Transferring Your Domain Name to Ya-Ya Online

This section is for those wishing to transfer their domain in its entirety to Ya-Ya Online, where Ya-Ya Online will manage and maintain the domain.

1) Establish you are the owner of the domain name and your contact details are up to date with your domain registrar.
You will most likely be contacted by your current domain registrar during the transfer process for security reasons. You can check who your current domain registrar is by using the service at:

2) Contact Ya-Ya Online and inform us you are wishing to transfer your current domain name to us

3) Contact your current domain registrar or login to your domain registrar account and request they make your domain available for transfer.

4) Request an authorisation code from your current registrar – you will need this code to transfer your domain.

5) Get in contact with us at Ya-Ya Online and supply the authorisation code supplied by your current domain registrar.

6) The team at Ya-Ya Online will arrange for the transfer to take place and the update of DNS and server records. This process normally takes between 24 and 48 hours for UK based domains. For international domains, the process may take between 9 – 14 days.

7) Once the transfer has been completed and tested, contact your old registrar and cancel the service you had with them.
Please note: Ya-Ya Online will take ownership of the domain in order to register, manage and maintain the domain.


Changing the DNS Settings to Point to Ya-Ya Online

This section is for those who currently own a domain and are wishing to keep it with their current
provider but want it to point to a site hosted and managed by Ya-Ya Online.

1) Find out who your domain registrar is. This can be found by using the services at:

2) Login to the account you used or set up when you purchased your domain from the domain
registrar and access your domain settings.

3) Search your domain settings for the domain name you are wishing to point to Ya-Ya Online.

4) Look for a link or button to allow you to ‘manage’, ‘change’ or ‘set’ the ‘DNS’, ‘Domain

Name’, ‘Nameserver’ or ‘Domain’ settings.

5) Once you have found the relevant page, you should be presented with a form which allows
for entry of several server addresses ie.

6) Enter the domains listed below into form:

7) Your domain registrar may allow for more than or less than the total domain addresses
supplied, if this is the case, enter as many as you can.

8) Once the form is completed and submitted you are finished.

9) It may take a few days for the server records to be updated and the process to becompleted. In the meantime, your current website should still be accessible with your old web host and domain name, provided you haven’t cancelled your services with them.


Pointing your Domain to Ya-Ya Online for Web Hosting Only

This section is for those wishing to point their domain to a website or subdomain hosted by Ya-Ya

Online but wanting to keep ownership of their domain and current email server settings.

1) Please note that this is an advanced process and should only be attempted by individuals
who are confident editing DNS records. If in any doubt, please contact the team who will be happy to provide assistance.

2) If you are confidante with this, you will need to login to your domain registrar account and
edit the A Records for the required domain.

3) Upon editing the A Records, the IP Address needed is:

  • AlphaCentury
  • Asda
  • BIA
  • Hollister
  • ICE
  • J&J
  • Keith Prowse
  • JFDI
  • London First
  • Molson Coors
  • One nucleus
  • Royal television
  • Santander
  • Welsh Gov
  • BNP Paribas
  • Athena
  • connexis
  • DD Conf
  • Morrow
  • Orchard